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If you would like to know more about the parish and what it offers, then please contact us via the form in the link below. We look forward to hearing from you and connecting with you.

Get Involved

The parish offers a range of programs and social groups that people can get involved in. Please click on the link below to see what is available.

Bible Study

The parish offers programs specifically tailored for both Advent and Lent, and also offers other programs during the church year that help people to better interpret and understand the various books and letters that make up the Bible.

Spiritual Reflections

Mainly Music

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Youtube Live Stream

Join us for worship each Sunday morning at 10am on our parish YouTube channel

Get Involved

Everyone is welcome at St Andrew’s. Come and join us for our monthly parish BBQ at 11.30am on the first Sunday of every month, or participate in or more of the parish Social Groups.

Join us for worship

Join us for worship each Sunday morning either at the 8am or 10am service of Eucharist. Each service includes selected readings from the Bible, a reflection on the readings, prayers for the world and the church, and the distribution of Holy Communion. In addition, the 10am service offers several hymns and sung responses to some prayers.

Need a prayer

If you, or someone you know or love, is struggling with illness or the challenges of life, let us support you/them with the power of prayer. Click on the link below and complete the prayer request form, and we will add your name, or the name of your friend or loved one, to our parish prayer list.

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