We are a warm, welcoming & inclusive church in the Anglican tradition. A loving community where all people are invited to grow in relationship with God and one another.

Thy Kingdom Come

‘Thy Kingdom Come’ is a global, ecumenical prayer movement instigated by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York. It is a simple invitation to pray between Ascension and Pentecost (from 10 May to 20 May) for friends and family to come to faith. Now in its third year, participation has grown every year.

St Paul’s Cathedral will be holding a ‘Beacon Event’ on Sunday 20 May at 6pm to gather people together to ignite and inspire worship and intercession for a generation to rise up with a fresh passion and confidence for the proclamation of the gospel. Follow this link for further details of the event and other resources on St Paul’s website.

Here at St Andrew’s we will be supporting Thy Kingdom Come firstly with a special ‘Question & Answer’ session on prayer (to be held at the end of our combined service on Sunday 29 April) which will hopefully help people with ‘how’ they can pray. In addition, between 10 May and 20 May we will have two ‘prayer stations’ located in the church where people can pray for friends and family members to discover the love of Jesus, or they can make their most heartfelt requests to God for family, the Church, the local community, or the world in general. These prayer stations will be in the form of a ‘family tree’ and ‘wailing wall’. We will also be making ‘pocket size’ prayer cards available to people so that you can write the names of five people that you would like to pray for.