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Pax Cakes (Peace Cakes) on Palm Sunday

The origin of the Pax Cakes is rather obscure. It is believed to have been started with a bequest by a Lady Scudmore in England in the 16th Century. The cakes were handed out by the Vicar & Churchwardens after the Services, with the words:

“peace and good neighborhood”,

to each person. Originally ale was given to be drunk with the cakes (in church).

The tradition is that the gift was designed to give an opportunity to any who were enemies or who had quarreled during the past year to be reconciled before the Easter Festival. There have been actual instances of this happening in such a case, the old enemies would be expected to share a Pax Cake between them, at the church door.

Joy Clemmie baked and distributed the dove biscuits as a symbol of Peace for all parishioners.