We are a warm, welcoming & inclusive church in the Anglican tradition. A loving community where all people are invited to grow in relationship with God and one another.


Bible Studies

Having a better understanding of Scripture (the Old and New Testaments) can enable people to grow in both their faith, and their personal relationship with God. In addition to the study of relevant topics during Advent and Lent, specially selected topics of study are chosen throughout the year to help facilitate this growth. Study groups are lead by Fr. Michael. The Season…

Pax Cakes

Pax Cakes (Peace Cakes) on Palm Sunday The origin of the Pax Cakes is rather obscure. It is believed to have been started with a bequest by a Lady Scudmore in England in the 16th Century. The cakes were handed out by the Vicar & Churchwardens after the Services, with the words: “peace and good neighborhood”, to each person. Originally ale was…

Community Service

Fr. Michael and several pastoral care volunteers lead an Anglican service of Eucharist for the residents of Arcadia Aged Care in Essendon each Friday morning at 11am.

Prayer and Spirituality

Prayer Prayer plays an important part of the life of a parish, helping to bind the community of faith together, especially during times of trouble and strife in the broader communities in which we live. Morning Prayer Morning Prayer is said in the church at 8.30am every: Friday, Additionally, each week the parish community focuses on a particular issue or topic of…

Parish Social Groups

The parish has a number of groups that meet regularly and share in fellowship and hospitality. These include: Coffee Club: The Coffee Morning Club is a welcoming and hospitable group that enjoys sharing fellowship, stories and good conversation over a hot cup of coffee. The group meet at Calmer Cafe (2E Fawkner St, Aberfeldie VIC 3040) on the 4th Wednesday of each…

Children’s Ministry

Every Wednesday morning from 9.30am to 10.30am (during the school term) the church offers Mainly Music, a structured, interactive program of music for pre-school aged children which is great fun for children and parents alike. The 30 minute music session is followed by some healthy snacks and playtime for the children, and coffee or tea for the parents.

Family Ministry

A monthly Family Service is held on the third Saturday of the month at 5pm in the church. The focus of this service is on a ‘Godly Play’ story (told by Fr. Michael’s wife Kim, who is an accredited Godly Play practitioner), together with some simple hymns that parents and children alike can sing.